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value of (love)

The big question always is “How much is this going to cost me?”.



    Although I honestly think that is the wrong question to ask, I do understand that budgets exist, and that you need numbers to plug into those budgets. But before you determine what you are willing to invest on your wedding photography, consider some of the questions that I think are most important:

“What is the value of permanent reminders of the day we pledged our love and lives to each other?”

“What is the value of knowing that our wedding day will be documented beautifully and completely?”

“What is the value of having visual representation of our legacy of love to share with future generations?”

Or this even more poignant question:

“What is it worth for me to not only be able to see what our day looked like, but to be

able to remember what our love felt like.”





 I hope that these questions help you realize just how much it is worth to have your real love captured beautifully, not just to show to future generations, but also for you to keep close to your heart, as a reminder of the day you began your ultimate future. For me, and for the couples that have trusted me as their wedding photographer, the answer to the question “What is it worth?” is simple:

What ever it takes. That’s what it’s worth. We are talking about memories, after all,

and memories are priceless.



 But if you must have a dollar amount, and I know you must.

Wedding photography collections start at $2500.

Custom collections are always available.

I look forward to proving to you that every penny you spend on the lifestyle wedding photographer is worth it. Let me capture your real love, beautifully.

xo, amber