Top 10 Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

Are you passionate about photography? Thinking where to start? Well, if you are a beginner in photography, it is not even a difficult task to point your camera and press a button to capture an image. The hardest part is to get a good shot of your captured image that will be as per your matching vision.

To improve your photography skills with a digital camera you need to follow these ten simple tips:

Try to Compose in Thirds

You need to imagine that there are four lines, in which two lines are lying across the image horizontally, and two vertically, to create nine even squares. If you keep the focal point at the center square position, some of the images will definitely look best.

Prevent Camera Shake

As a photographer, it is necessary to avoid camera shake or blur, as you need to learn how to hold your camera properly and steadily. Try to make use of monopod or tripod, to stabilize your camera and then start taking pictures.

Rule Sunny 16

Try to choose f/16 aperture while shooting during a sunny outdoor event for better pictures. Also, try to keep 1/100th second as your shutter speed, if you are using an ISO 100 camera. It can be helpful if you are lacking any functioning light meter or an LCD screen for reviewing image.

Deep Sense Creation

Try to capture photographs that can create depth in their senses and make them feel like they are present in the picture. You can make use of wide-angle lens and f/16 aperture to keep the background sharp.

Keep Simple Backgrounds

Try to not include any distraction while taking a digital photo shoot. You can simply choose a plain background, simple patterns, and neutral colors.

Avoid Indoor Flash Use

If you are shooting indoors, flash can destroy your creativity in a big way. You should choose the ISO up, between 800 to 1600, to vary the shutter speed and create the widest aperture possible. This will help more light to reach the sensor and capture a good image.

Choosing Right ISO

ISO settings are necessary to determine the sensitivity of your camera in the presence of light. You can push the ISO and keep it anywhere between 400 to 3200, for avoiding blurring of an image. Use ISO 100 on sunny days or keep it in auto setting.

Use Panning Technique

Try to make use of panning to capture an image in motion. You can do this by choosing the shutter speed two speeds lower than usual, say in place of 1/250; you can keep it as 1/60. Then put the focus on the subject by keeping your finger, half way down near the shutter and lock it.

Shutter Speed Experiment

To visualize interesting effect with your digital photography, try to experiment as much as possible with the shutter speed. It causes a different response when the speed is kept lower or higher accordingly.

By following these above ten simple tips, you can learn how to capture good quality pictures using a digital camera. In a short time duration, you will be able to capture photographs like a professional photographer.

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