Blogging has been an important part of our business and our relationships with clients, colleagues, friends, and family for a couple of years now, and we realized that there was really no reason to continue to use a traditional gallery-based website as our main site. With this in mind, we’ve combined the best of both worlds. We are thrilled with the opportunity to continue relationship building with those of you who are connected to us through our blog. We want you to get to know us. We’ll be sharing our recent sessions and weddings, family fun times, and industry excitement. Whether you’re a potential client, a current client, a photographer, a friend, or family, this is the place to come for news and the latest pictures from Holritz Photography and the Holritz family! We also want to get to know you, so leave us comments and let us know you’ve stopped by.

Site navigation is simple. You can either click on the links across the top of the site, or you can rollover the images of us above.

For those of you who want to reminisce a little and see old blog posts, you can still see our old blog here .

OK, formalities are out of the way, now sit back, relax, and enjoy hanging out with us for a while!

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