Happy Birthday Baby Fin!

Saturday, I joined Baby Fin, Angelena, Mike and about 7000 of their closet friends and family to celebrate Baby Fin’s first birthday. (That’s an exageration, by the way… I’m merely trying to express how full and busy the house seemed during this celebration!) I cannot believe an entire year has already passed. I really must be getting old, because I feel like I just shot the newborn session yesterday! He’s grown up so much!

You’ll be able to note a couple of cameos by my awesome clients (and Baby Fin’s dearest friends) Baby Julia, Baby Mia, and Baby Ben 🙂 Always fun to be surrounded by people I know and love when shooting!

Angelena and Mike… it’s been an awesome year! I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to get to know you guys, and to document Baby Fin’s first year! You better not forget to have me over during his second year, too

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