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Here’s the deal. I can totally shoot your wedding by myself. I can. And you will be completely happy with the end result. But I don’t want to, and really, you don’t want me to, either. No matter how thoroughly I photograph your day, no matter how invested I am in capturing every moment, no matter how hard I work…Without time travel superpowers, I just can’t be in two places at once. And sometimes, you need me to be in two places at once.

I have the perfect solution for that problem.

Meet Ian.



Ian is seriously the best shooter I know, and I highly recommend that we utilize his skills on your wedding day. With Ian on my team, I can always be in two places at once. If I am with you as your mother is buttoning up your wedding dress, Ian can be with your groom as his mother straightens his tie. If I am with you in the foyer as you’re waiting with your father before walking down the aisle, Ian can be waiting inside of the church, camera ready to capture your grooms expression when he first sees you. If I am shooting your first dance, Ian can be searching out the emotions in the people who are looking on. Without Ian, I will capture many of these moments…but without Ian, I cannot capture them all. Having Ian around is just like giving me time travel superpowers!


If you want to see more of Ian’s work and learn more about who he is before you decide whether to utilize his services on your wedding day, check out his website at You’ll see…he’s all kinds of awesome!

 xo, amber