Top 10 Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

Are you passionate about photography? Thinking where to start? Well, if you are a beginner in photography, it is not even a difficult task to point your camera and press a button to capture an image. The hardest part is to get a good shot of your captured image that will be as per your matching vision. To improve your photography skills with a digital camera you need to follow these ten simple tips: Try to Compose in Thirds You need to imagine that there are four lines, in which…

Top 5 Best Cameras 2017 – Best Compact Cameras

Do you like the quality of a DSLR camera but find them to big, difficult, or awkward to use? Then a high end 1.0″ sensor point and shot compact camera like the ones in this list might suit you. They offer very good image quality, in a compact body that is easy to use and handle. We count down the top 5 best 1″ sensor cameras currently available on the market right now (Feb 2017)